Natural Language Parser Demo

Parser technology

This natural language parser utilizes the definitions (a part of the definitions) of English syntax made by the Linguistic String Project. The parser implements a top-down strategy and uses already parsed constructions when possible.

For more information about the grammar, see:

Sager, N. (1981). Natural Language Information Processing: A Computer Grammar of English and Its Applications. Addison-Wesley, Reading, Mass.

Grishman, R. (1986). Computational linguistics: An introduction. Cambridge University Press.

The Lexicon

The lexicon in this system is a collection of words from WordNet and Link Grammar added with many new features and entries to meet the parser requirements. A portion of each source is used in the final database.

Flow chart

                       Input text
                     Lexical analyzer  - lexicon lookups
Lexicons   -------                     - merges dictionaries
                                       - morphological processing
                                       - sentence detector
                     word stacks
Syntax (BNF) -----      Parser         - full syntactic parsing/
                                         partial parsing
                                       - restrictions
                                       - rating
                                 [word sense disambiguation]
                                 [reference resolution]
                      Applications     - machine translation
                                       - xml annotation
                                       - query analysis
                                       - information extraction

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