Displays a syntactic structure for a given sentence or sentences.
In most cases, the parser will produce several different analyses. If there are more than ten analyses, the ten first parses will be shown.

An interface to WordNet synsets and base forms.

The following functions require a password (see the Options page):

Word Sense Disambiguator. Disambiguates WordNet senses.
Main focus is on words/senses that have different equivalents in the Finnish language.

Translates text from English to Finnish.

Finnish Stemmer.
Produces stems for Finnish words (nouns, adjectives and verbs) and adds proper case endings to each word stem. So, this is not just a stemmer, but provides also an algorithm for noun and adjective declensions and a conjugator for verbs. For adjectives and verbs, enter #a or #v as a first string.

The sample output contains parses with head noun words of NPs and their base forms and synonyms.